SUMMARY: Text printing fails on postscript printer (Sol 2.6)

From: Rasana Atreya (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 11:49:41 CDT

Hi all,

Text printing from a Solaris 2.6 box to postscript printer was failing with
"staircase" effect (each successive line was printing with a larger offset,
till the 4th or 5th line and later ran off the page).

John Ballard's and Timothy Symes's solution worked for me:

On HP 4050, to resolve the "staircase effect" use the printer menu to add
the "APPEND CR TO LF=YES" (or just telnet to the printer and add it).

I also got very good suggestions from other people, which I'm summarizing in
the hope that they might help someone else.

Casper Dik said my filter looks very wrong because "Ghostscript converts
Postscript to a printer type output, since you don't specify any options it
assumes an X display." So that was what was causing the X error.

He wanted to know what version of ghostscript I'm using. It's 5.50. He also
suggested the use of the "postprint.fd" filter, and said that if the
jetdirect printer a postscript capable printer I should configure it as a
postscript only printer and all will work by itself.

Z.K. Zachariah recommended I use JetAdmin which has an option to print both
text and ps. He also recommended the gnu utilities ps2a (postscript to
ascii) and a2ps (ascii to postscript).

Adzman SK said using gnu enscript resolved his problem. You can get
precompiled binaries at The program will convert
text to postscript on the fly before sending it to the printer.

Richard Skelton recommended I use jetadmin from:

Timothy Symes's also recommended that I manually change the printer setting
using the printer menu.

John D Groenveld said "ghostscript does not do ascii text conversion. You
can use GNU enscript or postprint, but if you only want one spool for both
text and PS, you'll need to write a filter that can handle both. Personally,
I'd set two filters".

I was hoping someone would send me example filters, but oh well, atleast the
problem is resolved.

My thanks to all of you!


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