SUMMARY: Can't Jumpstart a 450 MHz Ultra 60

From: Dave Haut (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 18:41:00 CDT


Thanks to all who replied to my question:
> Hi,
> I recently purchased a bunch of brand spanking new Ultra 60's dual 450 MHz
> and I cannot get them to jumpstart.
> The tftp download from the jumpstart server appears to work. But, as it is
> trying to boot off of the jumpstart server, I get the OS banner, and something
> seems to be downloading ( I get the "twirly bar" ) but just before I would
> expect to see the "configuring /devices" message, I lose the link lite and
> all I get is "link down-cable problem messages" on the console.
> Anybody else ran into this ?? I just tried an "older" 360 MHz Ultra
> 60 and it jumpstarts just fine.
> I'm jumpstarting 2.5.1 11/97
> Thanks in advance,
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First of all many of the people who responded said that the U60's cannot
run on 2.5.1 11/97. That is incorrect. I run all of my U60's on that release.

The solution was given to me by Joe Kwan ( jkwan@Radar-Sci.Jpl.Nasa.Gov ),, mark baldwin ( )
who pointed out to me that there is a suppliment CD that is shipped
with all Suns whose CPUs are faster that 419 MHz. I mounted the CD
and followed the instructions on how to update my jumpstart image
and it worked perfectly.

The most interesting response that I got was from Mark Hargrave
( ) who gave me a list of bootprom commands that
will actually slow down the CPU's to 404 MHz:

At the "OK" prompt, do the following:

also hidden
d# 404 at-speed
.speed (this should show the new CPU speed)

You can then try the jumpstart.

Once the system is rebooted, the clock speed goes back to 440 MHz.

I never had a chance to try this out.

Thanks for everyone's help !!


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