SUMMARY: patches change directory permissions & break sendmail

From: Chad Price (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 07:55:49 CDT

Initttiial Question: (spelling altered because listproc refuses to send
messages with the word correctly spelled and located on the first line.)

At 12:11 PM 9/13/1999 -0500, Chad Price wrote:
>I'm running Sol 7 and have a (apparently bad) habit of installing patches
>as they come out. I'm also running majordomo to support some mailing lists.
>Lately, it seems that every time I install a set of patches, it breaks
>sendmail by changing permissions of one or more directories to be group
>writeable. Then I have to go and search out which ones got buggered up and
>fix them
>Does anyone know who at Sun to complain to in order to get them to fix
>their (broken) patch install routine so that it either leaves the
>permissions alone, or asks you if you want them "fixed"/changed?

Thanks to: (Michael Wang)
Greg Obremski <>
Christian Pinheiro <>
eric <>
Harry Levinson <>

Sun's patch routine is indeed broken in that it changes permissions without
asking or telling you. No one knew who to complain to at Sun.

Christian, however, provided a script to fix the permissions for sendmail.
Localize and fix as appropriate.

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# Checa-permissions
# Fix permissions in /usr /usr/local /usr/local/majordomo and
# It often happens when we install some patch
# Run in root crontab (we run in 2/2 minutes)
# Christian Pinheiro - Brazil

$erro = 0;
$listamail = "support\";

@dirs =

@usr1 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[0]`);
@usr2 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[1]`);
@usr3 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[2]`);
@usr4 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[3]`);

$erro = 1 unless $usr1[0] =~ "drwxr-xr-x";
$erro = 1 unless $usr2[0] =~ "drwxr-xr-x";
$erro = 1 unless $usr3[0] =~ "drwxr-xr-x";
$erro = 1 unless $usr4[0] =~ "drwxr-xr-x";

if ($erro)
     for ($i=0;$i<4;$i++)

@usr5 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[0]`);
@usr6 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[1]`);
@usr7 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[2]`);
@usr8 = split(/\s+/,`ls -ld $dirs[3]`);


sub envia_email
    open(IN,"|/usr/lib/sendmail $listamail");
    print << "EMAIL";
from: postmaster\
To: $listamail
Subject: [WARNING] Fixed permissions on XXXXX Server - TESTING

/usr -> $usr1[0] $usr5[0]
/usr/local -> $usr2[0] $usr6[0]
/usr/local/majordomo -> $usr3[0] $usr7[0]
/usr/local/majordomo/lists -> $usr4[0] $usr8[0]

This email was sent by: /usr/local/adm/checkall/ -
Server XXXXX

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