SUMMARY: recover from flash prom update

From: Baurjan Ismagulov (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 02:15:29 CDT


i received no replies.

guys at sun uk confirmed that we couldn't reprogram the flash prom in
field, so we ended up sending the mainboard for a swap.

the original posting follows.

best regards,

hi sun managers,

i've run into trouble with je1. i've searched sun-managers archive,
sunsolve,, sunhelp and even altavista without any result. the
19th edition of fehb (3/99, both web and printed) does not contain any
info on that. Pete Zaitcev ( provided me with some
useful info, but i'm still unable to resolve the problem. the problem is
urgent, so *any* help would be greatly appreciated. i will summarize.

the problem:
i installed netra j 3.0 and configured it as a boot server for
javaengine 1. when i booted from the default inetboot.jd, it updated my
boot prom (without issuing any warning messages), and now the javaengine
doesn't work at all: blank screen at power-on, no banner, no keyboard
led blinking, tip shows no data on either serial port, etc.

i want to:
restore the flash prom contents or do anything to make the machine boot.
i do have inetboot.je1 from SUNWje1b, but i'm unable to load it since
the machine won't boot.

as i could find from
(thanks to guys at the machine turned out to be JavaEngine
1 (original sun 501-4811) with 1mbyte boot flash and 8mbyte javaos
flash, both soldered to the mainboard.
an older javastation (501-4267, krupps?) has a jumper (j1300) allowing
to swap banks of the flash prom (updates are always limited to the half
of the prom; the other half contains the backup of the original image.
info: courtesy of mr. Zaitcev). the javaengine has nothing similar.
a local guru advised to take the nvram chip off the board and wait for a
certain period. i've done that, tomorrow i will put it back and test,
but i'm almost sure this won't help.
i'm ready to provide further info, if necessary.

again, i would be very grateful for any info. thanks in advance,

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