SUMMARY: disksuite disaster

From: Freeman, Jim (PBW-J2Freeman) (
Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 10:33:28 CDT

I worked out the answer, after much trial and error (all night last night.
Raise your hand if you've ever been in my shoes!). I wish I'd heard from
Matthew Stier a bit earlier, but nevertheless he gave the answer:

The offline device is a metapartition, in and of itself.

1) I'd run an fsck against the detached submirror to ensure that the
is intact.

2) I'd force a metaclear of the primary metadevice to remove it and its
corrupted submirror.

3) I'd recreate the primary metadevice with the good submirror.

4) Replace the bad disk and recreate (metainit) the corrupted submirror.

5) Attach the recreated submirror.

original question:

I have a mirrored disksuite filesystem that I backup every morning by
breaking the mirror, backing it up and reattaching the mirror. During last
nights backup, the submirror failed to reattach, and I got read errors on my
online submirror and it is now in critical state, with a status of 'Last
Erred'. I have tried all of the commands I can find to get the other mirror
back online, so I am trying to replace the bad disk. It is a 9GB disk in an
A5000 array, disksuite 4.1 (or 4.2?) and Sol 2.5.1

>From here, I will either have to restore from tape, or can I copy the data
from the offline mirror using dd? Presumably, I could, if I replace the
disk, repartition it, etc.


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