SUMMARY : PCNFS and printing

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Many thanks to all those who responded, including those kind souls on
holidays that let everyone know with automatic replys :)

Specific thanks to
Rasana Atreya
Matthew Stier and
Mark Natoli

The general content of the replys was to check that the "pcnfsd" daemon was
running and that the directories that the PC's printed to had been
"shared/exported" to the PC's. I had neglected to put in the original that
the daemon was running.

It turned out that the PC's were using a different directory to the one
stated in the manual and that this one was not shared (they are using
/var/tmp not /var/spool/pcnfs) I am not sure about why this is so but with
only three machine's I can live with it untill I find the answer.

Also the PC's all have multiple printers setup and in each case the Windows
Print Manager listed a printer that was either 1. Not setup on the E450 or
that 2. Had been setup but when the E450 had a different hostname. The
result was that Solaris couldnt return any printer information to the
Windows requests.

But after changing both of these (at the same time) the PC's are behaving
themselvs and

Thankyou all the specific replies follow below

Rasana Atreya <>
I've heard about other anomolies with Sol 2.6 printing (no personal
experience). Check out:

Search for : 2.6 print

Matthew Stier <>
Do you have the 'pcnfsd' running on the E450?

Have you 'share'd the directory that the PC's need to write into?

Mark Natoli <>
  It has been quite a few years since I worked w/ PC-NFS but I do recall
troubleshooting this problem.
  To fix this issie at my site. I had to check /etc/dfs/dfstab on the
server and make sure the lp spool directory was exported to that PC.
  Don't know if this is still appropriate or if it will solve your


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