SUMMARY: time..

From: Ram Kumar (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 22:49:21 CDT

hi admins,

Yes the problem was quite strange and weird...

Few of the admins asked me to check the xntpd and kill and restart it...We
did that but it did not work..

Finally when we rebooted the machine, it won't come up saying Real Time
clock failed to Initialise..! we did a full shutdown (pulled the power
cord..!) and placed a call to Sun and got the mother board replaced and it
is all fine now..!

thanks to all those who responded and to those in the process of

On Thu, 09 Sep 1999 15:52:22 PDT, Ram Kumar wrote:

> hi admins,
> I have a strange problem in one of the Ultra-5s running solaris 2.6. The
> date & time stamp on this machine is looping between 14:30:01 to
> Even if you reset it backward or forward it returns back to 14:30....I
> no clue on what is going on....
> Is it something to do with 9/9/99 problem..??
> I will appreciate any help in this regard...
> regards
> ram
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