SUMMARY : External Tape Drive on SCSI Id 4

From: Saty Desai (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 12:00:51 CDT

Fellow Sun Managers,

Well, this turned out to be a "classic" quick sun-managers turnaround,
many thanks to the Sun-Managers community at large. Many thanks to any
future responses I may receive, thank you all.

The problem :

I had a Sun 4 mm Tape drive that wasn't being seen using the
probe-scsi-all command.
I wasn't sure whether the Id # mattered in Solaris 2.x since I had been
told that it should be 4.

The solution :

Experienced Sun Managers informed me that SunOS had a restriction of
having the tape device on SCSI Id 4, but even that could be changed by
modifying the /kernel/drv/st.conf file.

There's no such restriction in Solaris 2.x. After adding the tape drive,
I did a probe-scsi-all to verify that it was visible to the PROM. After
verifying that, I did a boot -r and added the tape..

Thanks to all who explained the different procedures such as
#touch /reconfigure
# drvconfig

After all that, I was very surprised that I had a bad tape drive and am
actually waiting for a replacement from Sun..



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