SUMMARY: SWS admin console fails, can't find applet

From: Ed Baxter (
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 17:45:45 CDT

Sun Managers,

The cure was upgrading my Netscape version to one that supported java 1.2 inorder to read
.jar files.

thanks to the following for their suggestions:
1st prize: James Ranks
Honorable mention: Dale Hsu
                            Gabriel Rosenkoetter
                            Bill Carroll

Original question
>Sun Managers,
>Perhaps someone has experienced this same problem and can give me a quick fix.....
>OS: Solaris 2.7
>Software: Sun Web Server 2.0
>Browser: Netscape 4.05
>When accessing http://hostname:2380/admin/admin.html I get nothing
>and see an error at the bottom of the Netscape window that says :
> Applet com.sun.sws.admin.comm.DispatchApplet can't start: class
> com.sun.sws.admin.comm.DispatchApplet not found.
>I looked at the file admin.html and the applet tag points to
>archive=../lib/admin_v2.0.dispatch.jar. I looked and the file is there and
>the applet appears to be inside of it.
>Why can't it read/find the applet?
>Ed Baxter

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