SUMMARY: E4500 Frame Buffer

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Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 12:07:54 CDT


On 7 Sep 99, at 13:34, Kris Briscoe (r8465c) wrote:
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> Quick question here.  I have already been to Suns website, but it didn't
> provide the information I needed.  I could be wrong here, but doesn't an
> UE4500 come with a built-in frame buffer card?  Someone is trying to
> sell me a TurboGX card insisting we need it to do VXVM install and
> config.    Trust me I don't like the gui thing either, but this guy is
> trying convence my boss otherwise.
> Summaries to follow!
> Thanks,
> Kris Briscoe

Too many responses to Thank individually, so I say it to all of you who know who you are...THANK YOU.
The consensus was that the E4500 does not come with a frame buffer card.   There might have been a small misunderstanding of my goal is.   Many thought that I meant VXVA or VXFS.  I actually did mean VXVM.  This is the volume manager software itself.  We are also installing VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS).  This is what I am told "MUST" have a gui to install and configure.  Well my thoughts on that are this:  Any UNIX admin or application worth their salt should not require a gui to accomplish the task.  Not a gui fan here.  Many of you informed me that you can just Xhost the display back.  This is true, but only if you are in run level 6.

We will go ahead and purchase the graphics card, but I hate the idea of having a server tie up resources and SBUS slots for a graphics card.

For those interested and did not know about it, there is a site called  for SUN hardware.

Once again Thank you to all those who responded.
Kris Briscoe
SR. UNIX Engineer Consultant

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