SUMMARY: Sun E450 errors

From: Rezbi, Ghulam (
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 09:27:56 CDT

My original message was:

We have an Sun Enterprise 450, a PCI based machine, with four A5000 storage
> arrays attached. Lately we have been getting the above message. We've
> swapped out literally all the hardware we can but to no avail.
> Any ideas? Any suggestions at all as to what the problem is and how to
> it out would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rezbi

I received a number of replies to this, all helpful as they made me think
about the problem. Unfortunately, I had to call in a Sun SSE in the end and
it turned out to be a dodgy FC-AL card.

Such an easy solution to what seemed to be an impossible situation. It
turned out that the FC-AL card that had been swapped in the first place was

Thanks to everyone who replied. Below are the names of people I would like
to thank:

Michael Brock
Phil Scarr
Rachel Polanski
Rajeev Kumar

And specifically Scott Clark, who asked for further info to help with this
problem. Sorry for not returning a reply to the last mail, Scott, it's been

Cheers, everyone

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