summary: adding a drive to an ultra 5

From: Dan Simoes (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 18:12:11 CDT

Here's the right way to do it. Thanks to Doug Otto for pointing out
this IDE "cable select" stuff.

- buy a seagate ST38422A (8.4Gb)
- get a standard IDE ribbon cable that supports 2 drives
- remove the floppy drive from the system (not enough space for both)
- replace the Sun IDE cable with the new one - make the new drive the
"middle" drive and the new drive the last in the chain.
- move the jumper that comes on the drive one position to the right
(cable select, see for more details)
- boot the system with boot -r
- use format to see the drive, partition and label it. I used a single
- newfs the partition
- mkdir /newdir, where /newdir is where you want this mounted
- add the partition to /etc/vfstab
- mount /newdir (or do a mountall, or just reboot, your choice)

My problem was the jumper in the wrong position - I had assumed that the
jumper needed to be removed.

As usual, the list comes to my rescue, on a holiday weekend at that!
Have a great weekend everyone.

| Dan |

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