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Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 16:22:25 CDT

I had sent out a quick summary the other day, but since I was
playing around with sendmail a lot and was getting a thousand
bounces a day I wasn't sure if it went.

I want to thank everyone listed below for the responses and especially
William Moore who has been helping me along with several issues.

The bottom line here seems to be to upgrade sendmail. I have installed
8.9.3 on my workstation and I am about to install on the mail server.

William Moore
Kristain Forde
Diane Ohman
Erin Jones
Harry Levinson
Philip Edwards
F.M. Taylor
Chad Rytting
Larry Chin
Jochen Bern
Mark Tindall
Phil Ritzenthaler
Carl Brewer
Marina Daniels
Karl Vogel
Greg Obremski
Nick Falkner
Brett Lymn
Rik Thomas
Roger Klorese
Troy Wollenslegel
James Ford
Harvey M Wamboldt
Bill Hebert
David Tonelli
Dave Foster
Tim Carlson

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Is there any sendmail experts out there that could help with file configurations? I started receiving a ton of
bounced emails over the weekend. When I came in today and saw
it I figured out that my mail sever is being used as a SPAM
relay. I found some info on how to accept relaying only from certain
machines but I am getting errors when I try to test it with sendmail.

Also if there is a way to just shut off relaying that should work as
well. We have an internal mail server and a mail server on the fire
wall DMZ to forwards mail to the internal server. I don't THINK either
of the two servers are using relaying to get mail to each other.

My sendmail version is 8.6

The errors I am getting when I run /usr/lib/sendmail -v -t line 31: fileclass: cannot stat RelayTo}: No such file or directory line 32: fileclass: cannot stat LocalIP}: No such file or directory line 352: invalid argument to S line: "check_rcpt" line 358: replacement $2 out of bounds

Thanks for any assistance and I will summarize.


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