Summary: Sol 7 cdrom boot problem

From: Deborah Crocker (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 16:08:54 CDT

No one had much to say on this. Made a call to Sun with not much found
from them either. The end results seems to be some kind of hardware

In particular I can say that prom rev is fine and the CD is fine in
this type of machine. Testing on another Sparc 20 on our campus (same
prom rev) showed that it does boot. So, we had to conclude some
hardware problem on that particular problem machine. We are attaching
an external CD (the problem drive was an internal one) and will try to
boot off that.

Thanks to my respondents.

>The question was:

>I have a user that cannot boot off a Sol 7 cd on a Sparc 20. When the
>"boot cdrom" command is given, the machine does the reset, gives
>correct "boot device:" for cdrom, tries to access the cdrom (the
>cdrom light blinks) then nothing. He wants/needs to get the machine
>upgraded to Sol 7.
>This is a SparcStation 20, prom rev 2.19 with an internal cdrom.
>Solaris 7 is the 5/99 release. This same CD was tested in an Ultra 5 to
>make sure it isn't defective and we find that it is fine. A Solaris
>2.4 CD was tested in the Sparc 20 to make sure the drive isn't damaged
>and we find that it is fine. The machine is currently running Sol
>I have made a search of Sun managers and Sunsolve. The only message
>that came close referenced a problem with the twisted pair connection
>and gave a work-around of disconnecting from the network while trying.
>Those problem reports indicated there should have been a network error
>that was not seen (and a test of the fix didn't help either).
>So has anyone seen this before?

Deb Crocker
User Service
Seebeck Computer Center
University of Alabama

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