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From: Gowda, Sanjay (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 14:43:19 CDT

Hi List,

Once again, thank you all for answering my questions on creating a software
depot. However, like HPs, I will not be able to install the software using
hostname:/path/to/software_depot. Instead I will have to export/share the
/path/to/software_depot and NFS mount or automount the path and use
pkgadd -d /path/to/software_depot to install the packages.

Regarding my second query on how to create a package, I received a lot of
to that question. One list member even faxed me a document which explained
how to
create a package. Thanks Mike. Others sent in several URLs which point to
which explain how to create packages, etc. The URLs forwarded were (which I
looked into): - a long
which explains in detail how to create packages. Also includes how to add
drivers and
rebuild kernel, in the install scripts and more such info.

I also received one suggestion on how to create a software depot which I
thought was
useful. I tested it. It works and I thought it might be useful to you all:

pkgadd -d /cdrom/package_directory -s /path/to/depot/directory [package1]
[package2] ...

Also one list member said that there is a utility on Solaris CD which can be
used to copy the
CD to a hard drive where it can read over the network using NFS -
Solaris_2.6/Tools/setup_install_server - I haven't verified it but am
the info for others if they need to ever do anything like that.

Once again, thank you all (a lot of them replied to this question).



My original query:

Hi List,

Is there any tool or tools that will let us create software depots on
Suns? [ Similar to HPs where we can access the depot defining
the source as: software_depot_host:/path/to/software_depot ]

I know I can copy from the CDs to a specific directory and then
NFS export the directory so that other systems can then access it.
Is there any other method to create software depot?

I would also appreciate if somebody could point me to any document
on the web which explains how I can create packages which I can then
install using pkgadd. I have several programs that I have installed on
/usr/local which I want to install as a package on the remote nodes.
If somebody could point me to a document or could explain in a few
brief statements that could get me started on this, I would appreciate it.
I will summarize.


- Sanjay

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