SUMMARY: DD of a veritas disk ...

From: Gowda, Sanjay (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 14:11:45 CDT

Hi List,

Thank you all for replying to my query about whether it is
possible to dd a veritas encapsulated disk to another unformatted

The short answer to it is: No.

One list member even had the problem where the source disk got corrupted!
Quite a few of them wanted to know how to do it too.

However some list members suggested other ways to accomplish the same,
for example, make a mirror of the current disk and all of its partitions,
mark it as bootable, wait for the mirror to sync and then break the mirror.
This seems like a good solution.

Others suggested that I should vxdump and vxrestore to copy the filesystems
over to the other disk. These utilities and others are in /usr/lib/fs/vxfs
However, dd utility is missing here.

Here is one example of using vxdump and vxrestore that one of the list
forwarded that I thought might be useful to you all. I haven't tested it, I
am just
reprinting the commands:

cd /where-I-want-my-files-to-go
vxdump 0sf 9999999 - /dev/vx/rdsk/copy-from-vol | vxrestore rf -

Thanks everybody.

- Sanjay

PS: However if I get to know of a way to do it, I will forward that
information to the list.

My original query:
Hi List,

One more query on a separate subject. Has anyone been successful in
dd'ing a Veritas - encapsulated root disk (or any other disk) onto another
disk of the same type? All our attempts to do a regular dd copy of one
disk to another have failed miserably. Are there any other methods to
diskcopy one Veritas (vxfs) disk to another?

Once again, I will summarize if I receive any answers to this question.


- Sanjay

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