SUMMARY: HELP: recover vxvm data after Solaris 2.6 install

From: David W. Blaine (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 17:59:57 CDT

Here's the scoop:

I only had one respondent to my question. Thanks Kris Briscoe for giving me some

After perusing the man pages a bit more, I found that vxconfigd uses the
contents of file "volboot" to find disks in rootdg. Although I didn't mention
this, this system only has rootdg disk group. Armed with this info, I did the

1) vxdctl stop

2) restored /etc/vx/volboot from my level 0 backup

3) restored /dev/vx as well but I'm thinking I didn't need to because vxconfigd
recreates this from volboot. But just to be safe...

4) vxconfigd -d

5) vxdctl enable

And voila! The disk group and volume structure reappeared. I remade the mount
points and then I copied my old /etc/vfstab in place.

End of heart failure.


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