Summary: Solaris PPP + Demon

From: Danny Cox (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 04:11:39 CDT

Many thanks to all who responded. A lot of folk pointed me to
which was enlightening. There were a number of suggestions to check out
or not they used PAP/CHAP but the key however was in the chat-script as
given by
Dave Rhodes and Richard Skelton, viz:

in /etc/uucp/Systems:

demon-du Any ACU 38400 08452120666 "" P_ZERO "" your_host\r\c word:
your_passwd\r\c ocol: idle=0,nolqm,ppp\r\c HELLO STTY=crtscts

This worked a treat. Basically, it's switching off lqm for ppp which
Demon have
on by default.

Many thanks also to :
adzman sk
Carl Brewer
Don Cockman
David Evans
FM Taylor
Chad Price
James P Eddinger
Bas Kelderman
Andrew C Holmes

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