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Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 21:29:55 CDT


I posted about this problem a while back.

I was not able to resolve my problem, but I did get a lot of good advice.
Among the things I was told to do were to check for the type of
(pap or chap) that my isp was using.

Thanks, to Ashish, Bunny, Jeff, John, Roger, and everyone else for your

My original post is at the bottom.

Rich Quinn


Sounds like it may be a parity problem. You sure you have a
P_ZERO in your dialout script to make it N-8-1? (the
default is 7-E-1)

>From the Sun Answerbook:
Setting Parity

In some cases, you have to reset the parity because the system that you are
checks port parity and drops the line if it is wrong. The expect-send
couplet "" P_ZERO sets the high-order bit (parity bit) to 0. For example:

unix Any ACU 2400 12015551212 "" P_ZERO "" \r login:-\r-login:-\r-login: nuucp
password: xxx

i has faced a similiar problem. but i was able to send messages across the
two ends.only thing i was not getting is the login prompt. the error was
corrected at the ok prompt ttya-rts-dtr settings.try it out!

Try sending a <RET> to get it to produce a "Login Name:" prompt.
You can include that in the chat script...
expect "CONNECT"

send <RETURN> (this isn't the real return char)

expect "Login Name:"
send "bucky"
expect "ssword:"
send "sEcRe!tp4wurd"

you'll have to look up in some of the examples that they provide you
with IN the uucp files...I've forgotten what the char is they use
for a return.

you're almost there, just toying with the chat script.



I am having a problem with my US Robotics 56K sportster modem.
Not sure whether this is Unix related or maybe its my config files.

I have a Sparc 5 ultra running 2.5.1. Off of
it I hang a US Robotics 56K sportster modem.

I am trying to dial out to one of our customer
sites and am getting far enough to get the "CONNECT" message.

The next message that I expect is the "Login Name:" prompt.

I am getting this info from both my /etc/uucp/Systems
file and my /var/adm/log/asppp.log file.

I am not getting that and at that point is where I am
hanging until I get the "Login Failure" timeout message.

The obvious answer is to check my modem settings, but
as far as I can see, they are set the same as another
modem on another system that is functioning properly.

any ideas would be appreciated,

Rich Quinn

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