SUMMARY: cde auto loggout

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 21:09:08 CDT

Hello, all,
Thanks the responses from Iordanov and Lee. I took the Lee's advice,
installed that patch. So far, no problem yet.
Feng Qiu


"Nikolai P. Iordanov" <>

It shouldn't log you out. Try running your application nohup command and it
shouldn't die event if you log out.
I think there is a piece of software which will log you out after
inactivity, it is not a part after the standard Solaris distribution, it's
name eludes me.
What happens to me, though, is that the cleaners pull the power cord out and
then put it back in, don't ask.

"J.R. Lee" <>

Do you have this patch or a later version installed?
They probably have a later one out but this one worked for me...

Patch README file
Patch-ID# 106027-03
Keywords: security PAM passwd 8 characters hang
Synopsis: CDE 1.2: dtsession: patch for screenlock
Date: Jan/14/99

> On Tue, Aug 10, 1999 at 10:43:22AM -0500, Feng Qiu wrote:
> > Hello, all,
> > Normally, when I leave the CDE for a while, the window will auto locked.
> > But sometime (very rare) it logged out.
> > Anyone knows why, it is a bug or a function? I use Sparc5 with
> > solaris2.6 with recommended patches.
> > The reason we worry about this because it used as host computer of NMR
> > instrument, when experiment is still running,
> > it logged out, we lost the data.
> > Thanks!
> > Feng Qiu
> >
> >

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