SUMMARY: sendmail problem

From: Gary Staley (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 10:58:57 CDT

Turns out the problem was with sendmail on the clients, which is a
different version that that on the server (Sun's rather than SMI's).
Evidently Sun's version returns the canonical name via NIS rather than
DNS. The solution is either to replace the Sun version with the latest
from, or (as per O'Reilly's Sendmail) to circumvent the
problem by explicitly defining $j in, e.g.:


where you have already defined $m to be your domain name.

Thanks to:

Matt Coddington
Iain Rae
Imre Kolos


Original question:

When sending mail from Solaris 2.5.1 nodes that use another Solaris
2.5.1 node that acts as the relay host, the from: address on the mail
from the relay is noted as user@relayhost.nisdomain rather than
user@maildomain. Mail sent directly from the relay host does not
exhibit this behavior.

In the relay host's /etc/mail/ file Lm is defined as
maildomain, which is correctly defined in /etc/mail/sendmailvars (and
nsswitch.conf points to this file).

It looks like it may be possible to strip out the host by changing the
following ruleset:

R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$2.$m>$3 tack on our domain


R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$m>$3 tack on our domain

Is this correct? And how can I make sure it is using the maildomain
name rather than the NIS domain name?

Thanks for any assistance.


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