SUMMARY: pkgadd: ERROR: unable to merge package and system information

From: John Chrisoulakis (
Date: Sun Aug 29 1999 - 22:48:17 CDT

This problem must be rare as the only response I got was a single "me too"
from Matt Colagrosso <>.

We tried to upgrade the version of solaris to 2.6 HW 5/98 (the machine in
question was altready running an earlier version of 2.6) but it choked with
the same problem when it came to apply any patches during the upgrade process.

The only option left was to do a fresh install. This DID solve it. The
installation went through OK with all patches going on flawlessly.
Subsequent 2.6 recommended and Y2K patches also worked fine this time.

The down side to this is, of course, restoring any other installed software
and lost data partitions back to the system disk.

I still don't know what the original problem was. If anyone has come
across it please let me know as the cure is rather drastic.


John Chrisoulakis

------------------- original question -------------------------------------

Dear Sun managers -

Can anyone help wth this problem encountered whilst attempting to
install some patches (106125-06 followed by the Y2K cluster) on a Sparc
station 5 running Solaris 2.6. The patches fail with the message -

Checking installed packages and patches...
Verifying sufficient filesystem capacity (dry run method)...
Installing patch packages...
pkgadd: ERROR: unable to merge package and system information

If I then try to use pkgadd on the appropriate package the error
returned is -
## Executing checkinstall script.
Using </> as the package base directory.
## Processing package information.
## Processing system information.
bad entry read from contents file
- pathname: /usr/lib/iconv/
- problem: unknown ftype
pkgadd: ERROR: unable to merge package and system information

The patches referred to above had previously been SUCCESSFULLY installed
on another Sparc station 5 configured in a similiar fashion to the
problem machine. Both have the same version of Solaris 2.6 installed.

Thanks in advance for any help given



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