SUMMARY: sendmail error

From: Linda Vinke Hardie (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 14:20:55 CDT

Thanks goes to William Moore :). Turns out there was a message stuck in
the queue and sure enough there was an error in the "To:" field.



The QAA number refers to an item in the queue that sendmail is having
trouble with. You ming want to loog in /var/spool/maqueue for two or
perhaps three files:

and possibly a xfQAA13047

the qf* file hostds the mesage headders and reason this file is in the queue
the df* file holds the actual message, and xf* file is it exist hosds
information about why sendmail was unable to process it.

you might also want to issue a "mailq" command or "/usr/lib/sendmail -bp"
and look for the messages corresponding to QAA13047

The simpelest thing might be to simply erase the message if is unimportant:
#rm /var/spool/mqueue/*QAA13047

Hope this helps.


From: Linda Vinke Hardie
Sent: 8/27/99 12:03:14 PM
Subject: sendmail error

I'm getting the following errors on one of our workstations:

sendmail[428]: QAA13047: SYSERR(root): name buffer overflow

I've rebooted the machine a couple of times and checked that the
filesystem isn't full (plenty of space) and the problem persists.

I've searched all the usual databases for help and have found none. Does
anyone have any input?


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