SUMMARY: "boot net - install" hangs

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Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 12:22:46 CDT

Original question is at the end of this summary.

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Most people suggested using "snoop" (using the MAC [ethernet] address) on
either the install-server or elsewhere close to the client. I tried this but
still wasn't able to determine exactly why it was hanging. I was able to see
that it wasn't caught in a loop, trying to find a file or such. It wasn't as
far as trying to bring up openwindows so that wasn't the problem. [Had that
been the problem, booting using
"boot net - install w" was suggested.] Everything was logically on the same
network/subnet so it wasn't because the client was looking for a boot server.
Finally, one person suggested using the 9/98 release of Solaris 7, rather
than the 5/99 release (claiming that the latter is "broken".)

In the end, it seemed to be a permission/priveledges problem. Since there
were other directories on the shared partition which held the CD-ROM
contents. There was a conflict between needing to have the install software
shared read-only with root privs and having the other directory shared with
normal access (rw and root mapped to "nobody".) This was "resolved" by
sharing the partition read-only (except read-write to the main hosts which
would need rw access) and preserving root privs on the client workstations
onto which Solaris 7 was being installed.

Original question:

> I am trying to do a network install of Solaris 7. On the two systems that I
> have tried so far (both Axil clones), after the kernel loads in and begins
> probing for devices (le0, cgsix0, etc.), things hang after it finds the cgsix0
> device (I used "-v" to see the debugging info.) I've left it "running" for 15
> minutes or more and nothing more is printed. The install server is a U10
> running Solaris 7 (5/99 release.) Does anybody have any idea on what the
> client is *trying* to do at this point in the boot process? How about

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