Tools for monitoring system performance [SUMMARY]

From: Systems Administrator (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 11:48:43 CDT

Hi all ,

I apologize for the late summary , things are kinda crazy around here.

Thank you to all who responded (Far too many for one mail message, and I
didn't want to forget anyone).

The obvious answer is to use the ugly and encryptic iostat, vmstat and
sar. Although to us tech-heads these make perfect sense, I needed
something that manager types would be able to analyze, without having to
jump through hoops (Gnu-plot or excell spreadsheets).

The overwhelming responses were for 3 different things that would
accomplish this.
1) SymbEL (by Adrian Cockroft). This is a scripting language that allows
you to easily access information from the kernel. There are sample
scripts available to get you started. It is available free at

2) Running sar and using sarcheck to pretty up the output. The cost of
SAR is 199.00 per OS (You need a different sarcheck for 2.5.x 2.6 and
2.7) (See

3) This is the one we decided to use for now. MRTG along with the snmp
daemon. It seems to work pretty good. MRTG also monitors network
performance , and outputs in a decent line graph. And the best part, is
that it is free (and simple to implement).

Other mentions were sysmon and proctool.

Thank you again for the help.

Daren L. Eason Sr.
Systems Administrator
Evergreen Internet, Inc
(480) 926-4500 x. 211

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