SUMMARY: last command on solaris2.6

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 10:31:40 CDT

Hello, all,
Thanks for all the response. The message of Timothy Lindgren solve my
I installed tcp-wrappers, it will log rexec too. But it will not tell
how long the rexec stay in the system. Is there a way to tell?
Feng Qiu



"Timothy Lindgren" <>
Exceed (and PC-X) does not use telnetd, it uses "rexecd" with Xterm.
I would suggest adding tcp-wrappers and verbose logging to fix the

Tim Peterman <>
Are the PCs and Macs in the Sparc's /etc/hosts.equiv file?
If so, they may be able to rsh to it without authenticating.
Try removing them from hosts.equiv. I'm not real familiar
with Exceed, but changing hosts.equiv may require you to
change the way Exceed is configured on the clients.

"Terry Franklin" <>
Are you doing an rexec of xterm as your start method in Exceed? If so,
instead set each session in exceed to a Start Method of Telnet, and give

the command to xterm. The effect will be invisible to the users and they

will show up in "last" now.

 "Robson, Ken" <>
What protocol are you using and what command are you exiting, for
example, if you are using rsh (as opposed to rlogin) and executing
xterm without the -l argument then this is valid, you are simply
executing a remote command not loggin on. If you want this to appear
either use rlogin and execute an xterm or execute xterm with the -l
option (login shell).
Basically because eXceed and eXodus use REXEC as the method to run
remotely. Look into the REXEC facility for how to make it (if
log incoming REXEC-ed commands.

Robert Hill <>
Check your Exceed settings, if Exceed is using rexec to log in, it
will not be logged.
 tcpwrappers can be used to log rexec, or better yet use a different
method of logging in...

gabriel rosenkoetter <
It also fails to show certain other logins (even telnet connections,
periodically). Moral of the story is that last and w aren't very
reliable... even finger can get confused. ps is a fairly reliable way to

*actually* see what's going on on your system.
Things *should* still show up in the pacct log, though I haven't really
investigated that.
I'll be interested to see if anyone is able to suggest a way for you to
make last and w behave, it's been irritating us here for quite some

Gary Jenson <>
I'd be interested in responses.
I know I have to have rxvt/xterm (or whatever x - terminal emulator)
installed setuid.
Rxvt has a command line option to have it make a utmp entry.
These changes make folks show up on a "who," but I don't think folks
show up on "last" commands for some reason.

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> Hello, all,
> Sparc5 with solaris2.6 and recommended patches.
> The "last" command will not show the logins which use Exceed or
> from PC or Mac.
> It means will not show on the accounting too.
> Why? is it a bug?
> Thanks!
> Feng Qiu
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