SUMMARY: Replicated NFS file systems

From: Bhavnesh Makin (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 14:55:31 CDT

Thanks to Robsonk and Kevin. The following worked for me:

Apply patch 105472-07 (or higher) for sparc, or 105473-?? for X86.

The original question was:
> We have multiple location fields for exported NFS file systems in our
> automount maps. These multiple locations fields are nothing but different
> interfaces to cater different subnets. Solaris 2.6 clients constantly
> keep on complaining about:
> Mount on /home/--- is not read only, and will not be replicated.
> We are not exporting these filesystems read-only. Is there a way to get
> rid of these messages without making changes in syslog.conf file.
> thanks.

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