SUMMARY: Ultra 5 + Solaris 7 + patches + gcc-2.95.1 + ppp-2.3.8 ?

From: Daphne Tregear (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 10:49:18 CDT

Yes indeed, I _was_ forgetting that the Ultra 5 would be using 64 bit
drivers and that ppp-2.3.8 & out-of-the-box gcc-2.95.1 will be
producing 32 bit drivers (you can tell Cinders is spending too much
time with her trusty old SPARCstation 4...).

Thanks to:

    Tim Carlson <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
    "David Evans" <>
    Thomas Anders <>
    Cliff Skolnick <>

Tim suggested compiling ppp with Sun's CC to get the 64 bit drivers
(which reminded me that it's about time I installed Worshop 5.0, so I

Kevin suggested I configure gcc with "sparcv9-sun-solaris" to get 64
bitness, and reminded me to put 64 bit drivers in the right place (the
sparcv9 directory). I will do. But not this week -- our "customers'
are about to descend on us in droves.

David suggested Solaris 7's PPP was easy and worked for him out ouf
the box much more reliably than other versions of Sun's PPP.
Cliff suggested I drop down to 32 bit mode, which is what I chose to
do since the machine is a home machine for a professor to use LaTeX on
and 64 bits is wasted on him! But I intend to have a play with Sun's
out-of-the-box PPP just to show I'm not prejudiced ;->



Original query:

Has anyone managed to get the above combo to work?

Having read's dire warnings on Sun's ppp I didn't
attempt it, but opted straight for ppp-2.3.8. But no joy...

The modem works and you can tip to it. PPP compiles with no errors
with GCC, installs the relevant files and drivers but then gives me

drvconfig: Driver (ppp) failed to attach
Warning: Driver (ppp) successfully added to system but failed to attach.

Have I done soemthing wrong? Is this combo a non-started? Should I
ditch this attempt and wrestle with Sun's offering instead?


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