SUMMARY: # of connections

From: Teresa & Darryl Pace (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 17:04:18 CDT

    First, thank you to Timothy Lindgren for the information he
sent. It turns out that that was all the info. I needed in order to
remember what it took to fix my problem. Here's his reply,
followed by my original email.


*defaut is 48.
set pt_cnt=128

Teresa & Darryl Pace wrote:

> Managers,
> This is an easy question, but one whose answer currently
> slips my mind and one for which I don't have the time for a
> long search for the answer. I'm wondering what the kernel
> parameter is that limits the number of connections a Solaris 2.6
> HW 5/98 box can handle, and what command-line command
> is it that lists the current values of the kernel parameters?
> Thank you for your help.
> Darryl

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