SUMMARY:Ultra 5 Jumpstart clients

From: Sean Quaint (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 19:01:55 CDT

Thanks for the tremendous responses! I'll print the list in a second.

Most folks said to touch /a/noautoshutdown in my finish script. Others
said not to include the power managerment packages:

package SUNWpmowu delete # don't install sleep (/usr)
package SUNWpmowr delete # don't install sleep (/)
package SUNWpmu delete # don't install sleep (conf &
package SUNWpmr delete # don't install sleep (binaries)

A few others said RTFM, and kindly pointed me to page 57 in the advanced
Installation Guide.

Here's the list:

Alex Natautama
Tom Crummey
Micheal Sullivan
Bengt-Erik Norum
Fabrice Cuq
Arthur Darren Dunham
Dan Transue
Danny Johnson
Sanjaya Srivastava
Jason K. Kruse
Michael Brock
Thomas Lester
Tim Carlson
Klaus Heinz
Mark Baldwin
Allan West
O Giraud
Jens Fisher

Thanks again,

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