SUMMARY: MD5 hashes for passwd/shadow

From: Daniel R. Falconer (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 18:18:43 CDT

The general consensus was that I'm out of luck. An appropriate PAM module
would do the job, but as far as I could tell from (as suggested by
Frank Cusack) external PAM modules are only supported in Solaris 2.6+ (I'm
using 2.5.1).

Anand Buddhdev confirmed that FreeBSD (and probably other free Unix flavors)
supports mixed DES/MD5 hashes. We tested the original AIX (supposedly MD5)
passwords and they worked on a Red Hat distribution of linux, together with
some old DES passwords in the same file. As I mentioned in the original
message, no luck under Solaris.

Dan Stromberg suggested that I would have to change all the passwords...
which is more or less what I ended up doing. Actually, we hacked the radius
and pop3 daemons to dump the plain text passwords for a week or so, and
we'll use the output to generate good old crypt passwords for our Sun.

Thanks to all of you for your replies.


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> I need to import a couple hundred users from an AIX machine, and the
> password hashes do not work under Solaris. I tried to STFW and found
> references to MD5 vs. DES hashes for system passwords, and I'm assuming
> that might be the problem.
> I also found references to an option on Linux systems that would allow me
> use (and mix in the same shadow file) both DES (standard crypt) and MD5
> hashes.
> - am I on the right track?
> - does anyone know how to do this on Solaris?
> Thanks in advance,
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