SUMMARY: NIS+ issues

From: Gillian Bennett (
Date: Sun Aug 22 1999 - 17:55:21 CDT

This summary has taken a while because there have not been many forthcomming
responses and I was waiting for some more!! Most common response was to use
Solstice gui to manage NIS+, which is not an option for me. The other
suggestions I had already tried (like re-install, get a copy of the NIS+
FAQ, check on patch levels). I am continuing to investigate this problem,
but consider itunsolved as yet.

Perhaps I was not clear enough in my initial email. I had installed it
according to the NIS+ FAQ, and had tried the stuff in it, as well as the Sun
admistration manuals etc.

Thanks to all who responded.

Original Problem:
I have recently installed NIS+ on solaris 2.6 with latest patch level. I am
having some problems changing user passwords. When I try to run passwd
<user> I get the error

Permission denied
and when I try nispasswd I get

passwd(SYSTEM): user must have NIS+ credential
Permission denied

I have not done anything special to the root user account other than to
populate the tables with the /etc/passwd file. What do I have to do?

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