[SUMMARY] Ultra60's PCI bus

From: Drexx Laggui (drexx@pacific.net.sg)
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 05:54:00 CDT

August 20, 1999

Hello world,

Wow! That was quick. Thanks to:

William Teo <william@donovan.com.sg>
= reminded me of www.donovan.com.sg , and I remember having the
   impression that there stuff is cheaper than Sun's.
Casper Dik <casper@holland.sun.com>
= said yes, the U60 has dual-peer PCI busses.
John White <johnjohn@triceratops.com>
= had the best answer, and actually pointed me to:

Thanks again!
Drexx Laggui.

Original Question:
>We're currently trying to decide what to P.O. in the next few hours.
>I need a machine with dual-peer PCI-buses and dual-CPUs (max available),
>so now I have two good q's.
>1] The Sun Ultra60 has both a 3.3v (33 or 66 MHz) and 5v (33MHz) slots.
> Does that mean that the Ultra60 is a dual-peer PCI-bus?
>2] Is the Tatung U60R (Sun Ultra60 compatible) any good? Anybody who
> has experience with it? Do you have any other cheaper recommendations?

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