SUMMARY: System accounting

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 16:53:19 CDT

Thanks to:

Darren Dunham
Kevin Prigge
Chad Price

All that was needed was SUNWaccu. On a machine that had it already running
I did:

grep /usr/lib/sa /var/sadm/install/contents

This listed SUNWaccu as the package for everything I needed.

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 Subject: System accounting

Hello All,

I have a machine that I inherited and was getting ready to run sar
accounting on it when I realized "Hey! There's no sys crontab and there's
no sa directory under /usr/lib.". So I looked at the packages and neither
of the System Accounting (SUNWaccr and SUNWaccu ) packages were installed.
Not ever having dealt with a machine that didn't already have them I am
uncertain if these are what I'm missing for sar reporting.

According to bug id 1223576 on sunsolve sar is in these but the supporting
utilities (sadc, sa1, and sa2) are in SUNWcsu and SUNWcsr. Both of these
packages are installed but the utilities aren't to be found. Is it as
simple as adding the packages SUNWaccr and SUNWaccu? I'm running paranoid
on this machine so I want to verify as much as possible before I go



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