SUMMARY Serial port at wrong baud rate

From: Andrew Lister (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 02:11:06 CDT

Original problem was
>I have a headless Sun IPX where the PROM setting for ttya-mode is
>set to something other than 9600,N,8,1,-. To make matters worse,
>the input and output devices in the PROM are set to ttya and the
>machine is not on a network.

Thanks to the respondents:

        Ray Saddler, Richard Smith & Kevin Sheehan.

Ray and Richard both suggested using eeprom(1M) but unfortunately, I
didn't have a shell to work with.

The idea of prying the eprom out was brought up (eek) but the answer
was to hold down L1 and N while booting to erase the NVRAM settings
which I found in monitor(1M) before Kevin also suggested it.



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