SUMMARY :Can I distribute Workshop licenses on network?

Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 21:17:05 CDT

Hello all!

Thanks for all the quick replies.specially for David Evans and Paul .

All I do is that writing LM_LICENSE_FILE=<port>@<mylicensemanager>;export
LM_LICENSE_FILE in .profile and source it ,where <port> can be found in
first line of licenses_combined file ,and <mylicensemanager> is the
hostname of my license server runing .

Thanks again!

wang zhiyao

> Hello all!
>I have two machine :SUN e3000 and untra10 .And on my e3000 ,I have install
6 licenses visual workshop 4.0 and Licenses >manager .It work fine.Now I
want to use VWS on my untra10 instead of remote login into e3000.What I
have done is >installing a new copy of VWS on my ultra10,and copy the
LIC_CONFIG_SCRIPT file on e3000 to the /etc/opt/licenses >directory of
ultra 10.But when VWS start ,it also reports no licenses error .And I
notice VWS connect to its own >machine's licenses manager.
>please tell me what to do.

>Thanks in advance !

>wang zhiyao


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