SUMMARY: 34GB partition, only 128MB with newfs

Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 09:15:20 CDT

I found it out, the rm6 software partitioned the new stripe with a
128MB root partition on slice 0 and a 42GB /usr partition on slice 6,
removing the root, swap and /usr partition and creating a new 42GB
partition on slice 0 solved my problems.

Thanks all.

>I'm lost here ... after a very, very long night trying to get my
>enterprise 5500 up again I am finally able to access the lost raid
>partition again only it hasn't got a filesystem since it has been
>formatted. I tried to do a newfs on it and I end up with only a 128MB
>filesystem on a 34GB disk, anyone has any ideas?

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