Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 02:30:57 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. Here are the steps I have taken to resolve the

   Download, compile & install new shared libraries from the Sum ftp site (I
   also needed to get hold of and compile the "patch" utility).
   Downloaded, compiled & installed BIND
   Created a resolv.conf file
   Created a named.boot file and downloaded an up to date file

All this seems to do little good though. I now have "host" and "nslookup"
working (these came with BIND), but "ping" and a few other things still don't
work. I think I am still back with my original problem, needing to re-initialise
NIS without having the files available.

Here are the detailed instructions concerning setting up the workstation as a
NIS master. I haven't been able to verify this since I don't have the correct
files, but these instructions have been sent from a number of different sources.

The following will start NIS and make your workstation it's own NIS
Master. If you are already running NIS or wish to NIS together several
machines you'll have to follow a different procedure. This is the
simplest way to get telnet and ftp to work by name instead of having
to type in the ip numbers.

Create or edit /etc/defaultdomain and set domain to be <node>.city
Note: This domain is not your internet domain, but a NIS domain name.

Use the command:
to set: domainname <node>.city
or: domainname `cat /etc/defaultdomain`
to check: domainname (this should echo what it is set to)

also - if it has run nis in the past verify /etc/defaultdomain has
the domainname you set above

to set the value in memory before issueing the following commands

cd /var
mkdir yp
cd yp
cp /usr/lib/NIS.Makefile Makefile
Edit Makefile and uncomment the B=-b <-- tells ftp, telnet to use DNS
 line. Comment-out the B= line
cd /usr/etc/yp
ypinit -m <--- this step makes you a nis master
                         take defaults and ^D at the node list.

make sure you have a subdirectory in /var/yp named the same as what you
specified in /etc/defaultdomain. If you don't, but have a subdirectory
named nobody you forgot to issue the domainname command so you need to
cd to /var and rm -R yp and start again.


If /var/yp exists and you forgot to change the B=-b line then edit the
makefile, exit, issue a touch command, then do a make.

touch /etc/hosts ! touch the hosts file so the make will run
make hosts ! do a make to make the -b take effect

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