SUMMARY: No PC-style Type6 with Euro support keyboard?

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Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 22:07:14 CDT


Thanks for David B. Harrington's input.


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I have a:

        Type6 Part number: 320-1272 01
                Tab Q x x x ...
                Caps Lock A x x x ...
                Shift Z x x x ...
                Control Alt x x x ...
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>From Raymond Pang <>, on 8/12/99 11:52 AM:
Hi Managers,

Sorry if this is not the right place to go.

I've checked the page,, it tells that
type6 keyboard layout is same as type5c. However, the sales people says we
have to change back to old type keyboard if we want the same layout and
with no Euro support anymore. It's hard to believe!

The type6 keyboards we received are non PC-style and have the layout of
Caps-Lock key and Control key exhanged in position. Can anybody drop me a
line the part number of type6 keyboard (PC-style layouts) with/without
Euro support and the Control key is at the lower left corner?

Thanks in advance.

        Our keyboard info:
          Type5c Part number: 3201233-02
                Tab x x x ...
                Caps-L x x x ...
                Shift x x x ...
                Control x x x ...

         Type6 Part number: 320-1272
                Tab x x x ...
                Control x x x ...
                Shift x x x ...
                Caps-L x x x ...

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