SUMMARY: 300 MHz CPU on Ultra Enterprise 2

From: Chad Rytting (Administrative Account) (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 07:51:53 CDT

Thanks to those who responded.

Casper Dik
Buhr Joseph
Mark Parry

I believe that Casper hit it on the head in my situation. Apparently for the
300 MHz CPU, I need a UPA terminator if I am only to have one CPU installed. I
guess I will have to call Sun and order one. Other responses were as follows:

In the past I've encountered that when I upgraded processors on one of our
enterprise servers it also required a prom upgrade.


If memory serves correctly, tou will need to change *another* jumper setting to
allow PROM update, and apply the latest firmware upgrade to support that
processor. I believe this has been covered in another summary; check the
archives ( for detail.


Mark Parry

I did find the patch that needed to be installed for my situation shortly after
I posted to this list, and I did install that patch with no luck. Therefore, I
believe that when I get the terminator, it should work.

Thanks again,
Chad Rytting

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