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From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 11:41:44 CDT

Hello, all,
Thanks to:

               Sandeep Patni <>
               Dieter Gobbers <>
      (Scott Adkins)
               Mr Rene Occelli <>
              <> (David B. Harrington)
              Mark Natoli <>
              Elvis <>
              Barry Gamblin <>
              Luis Pablo Perez <>
              Shawn Kondel <>

Almost everyone point me to add rw in there, I really did before. It
does not fix the problem.

Luis Pablo Perez <>
Got a right answer:
If you are using DNS, NIS or NIS+ check using the FQDN in the share:


                share -F nfs -o /data1

Try login to the sparc4 and execute the command "who" to see how the
resolves the name of sparc4.

Also pay attention if the ultra2 has more than one IP address, which one
ussing to connect to the server ?

But I don't know why? In nsswitch.conf
I have:
hosts files dns

should look my hosts file first!?

Any one have an idea?


> Hello, all,
> I try to share a directory from a sparc4, to a ultra2, I can
> successfully mount that directory of sparc4 in the ultra2.
> I put the line :
> share -F nfs -o root=nmrserv /data1
> in the file of dfstab of the sparc4.
> which nmrserv is ultra2's hostname, both hostname are in both stations

> hosts file.
> When I try to write something on that directory from ultra2 as root,
> permission denied.
> Anyone one know what is wrong?
> Thanks!
> Feng Qiu

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