SUMMARY: Solaris 7 Intel - Unsupported Graphics Device

From: Ryan Lewis NONLILLY (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 05:48:55 CDT

Thanks to all who replied, credits at the end.

My original question was:

> I've installed Solaris 7 (INTEL) onto a DELL Latitude CPi with 14" TFT
> The NeoMagic graphics device is not supported, it's not in the HCL, so I'm
> limited to a terminal interface.
> It'd be nice to have the GUI, any ideas??

The concensus was to use xfree86, available at

This is what I'll try, it has successfully been used by others on DELL and
Toshiba laptops with the NeoMagic graphics device.

Other suggestions were:
- check out the solarisonintel 'group' at

And thanks to those who simply said "Use Linux"!! I am also (successfully)
running RedHat on this laptop.

Thanks to the following:
Mark Studebaker
Alan Fox
Michael Peterson
Anthony Worrall
Kevin Venable
Iain Rae
Rudy Willis
Robert Glover
peter ..
john ..

Ryan Lewis

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