SUMMARY: ppp + 'normal' internet connection possible?

From: Marina Daniels (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 19:55:42 CDT

     Thanks very much to the following people who provided a wealth of
     information (some quotes below):
     Bunny Pfau
     Graham Leggett
     Renny Koshy
     Jonathon W. Ross
     Nathan Dietsch
     David Evans
     Roger Fujii
     What I want to do is possible.
     " Just make sure that it's configured not to install a default route
     (or gateway), and it shouldn't fiddle with your existing networking"
     An important point:
     "One thing though - dial in via PPP is *way* less secure than ftp, are
     your sure you're doing the right thing? While that connection is up,
     your networks are directly connected. It could easily be used as a
     gateway for an attack from one network to the other. it using
     (Unfortunately they refuse to let us use ftp, or email (I think the
     files are too big for email) so we are stuck with PPP.)
     "If you only want to access the machine at the other end, the
     interface route for the PPP interface will be enough.
     If you wish to access the network at the other side you can simply add
     a network route with the -interface and -netmask options.
     You can find exact syntax in the route(8) manpage.
     All you should have to do is set up a static route for that ip address
     by doing:
     route add ip_address_of_destination ip_address_of_ppp 2 -r
     I have a solaris 2.6 box which is connected to the internet.
     However, I need to dial into someone elses network and get some files
     regularly, and they want me to do it using ppp, won't let me ftp in.
     Is it possible to set up my host to connect with ppp when the users
     need to access one particular ip address, and not have it interfere
     with the permanent network?
     I have looked at but all the
     examples i read talked about having the ppp connection as your only
     one. I got the impression that what i wanted was possible, just can't
     find any info on it.
     Any pointers?

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