SUMMARY: "Can't find driver for console framebuffer"

From: RP A (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 17:33:59 CDT

Hello folks,

Here's my summary:

I got the message "Can't find driver for console framebuffer" when booting
off of the Solaris 2.6 CD (release 5/98). The OS install proceeded, but it
was text-based as opposed to GUI-based. When the machine rebooted after the
install completed, there was still no GUI (could not open the window manager

Turns out that the OS CD did not have the drivers for my graphics card
(PGX32 PCI Graphics Card). So after the install completed and the machine
rebooted, I logged in and installed drivers from the "RAPTOR GFX openwindow
CD" for Solaris supplied with "Sun PGX32 PCI Graphics Card Installtion"

This resolved my problem. Other suggestions:

- Hardware release 3/98 or later needed since PCI was not included in
  the initial 2.6 release and a lot of devices are PCI in the 450's.

- If these are brand new systems, check the yellow contents list.
  SUN has replaced the pineapple frame buffer with a mango frame
  buffer. There should be a seperate CD with the needed drivers.

My grateful thanks to:

"Robson, Ken" <> (System Administrator)
"Nguyen, Hoang X (Hoang)** CTR **" <>
Asim Zuberi <>
"Jonathon W. Ross" <>
Nitin Gizare <>
"Peter Wallis" <>
Gary Jenson <>
"Jose Carlos Perez Ramilo" <>
Richard Smith <>
"David W. Blaine" <>

Rasana Atreya

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