SUMMARY: Solaris Packaging woe's

From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 08:48:38 CDT

Thanks go out to Scott Adkins for the one response I got.

Although he hasn't seen this issue. I contacted
sun reguarding the need to use !search statements all over
the place in the prototype file and they said that it wasnt
a bug but something that had to be added to the software.
It should be fixed in Solaris 8 supposedly according to sun.
Others may have never seen this cause of the way the pkgproto
command search directories. Sometimes it gets lost easily
when searching directories.

I had a friend help write a quick perl script to insert the
correct !search statements into the prototype file.

Thanks... Mike

# This program will put in the search statements in pkg prototype
# files that everyone hates doing with a passion. It takes two
# command line arguments 1. infile and 2. outfile
# You will still need to throw in a few search statements when the
# prototype file goes up directory structures that have already been
# created but it should work well. Dont forget to put that pkginfo
# line into the prototype file. Mike Cunningham 8/10/99

$outfile1 = $ARGV[1];
$infile1 = $ARGV[0];

open(OUTFILE1, ">>$outfile1") || open (OUTFILE1, ">$out_file1") || die
open $out_file1";

  open(SRCHFILE1, "$infile1") || die "cannot open $infile1";
  while (<SRCHFILE1>) {
        if (/^d /) {
                $line = $_;
                $umask,$oracle,$dba) = split(/ /,$line);
                print OUTFILE1 "!search $dir_path\n";
        print OUTFILE1;

  } #end of while statement (filehandle)
  close (SRCHFILE1);
  close (OUTFILE1);


On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Michael Cunningham wrote:

> I have to package up a whole TON of different software
> packages.. The only part about packaging that I really
> hate is inserting those dam search statements into the
> prototype file before each and every directory change in the file.
> Anyone have a script or anything that I could run against a prototype
> file and it would insert in the correct search statements for each
> directory entry? I am sure it could be done with awk/sed but I dont
> know either well enough. Thanks for ANY help you can offer...
> Sore fingers and blurry eyes..
> Mike

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