SUMMARY: SUID Shell Scripts

From: Jamie Lawrence (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 19:00:08 CDT

Many thanks to:

Aki Sasaki
Otto, Doug
Richardson, Gary
Christophe Colle
Tom Lojewski
Stephen W Mclaughlin
Troy Wollenslegel
Christian Pinheiro
Nickolai Zeldovich
Dan Brown
Moore, William
Danny Johnson
Bryan Blackburn
Stephen P Richardson
Sean Quaint

There were three main answers:

 - use the -p switch to keep the shell from dropping privileges;
 - Can't be done (at all, in Bourne/csh), which is incorrect;
 - Use a C wrapper, such as the one included below:


There were many reiterations of the general thought that it is
a Bad Idea (which I certainly agree with).

Thanks to all!


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