SUMMARY: halp/full duplex negotiation issue

Date: Sun Aug 08 1999 - 12:44:27 CDT

    Thank you for your responses. I received many replies.
Below I've included the original question followed by some
of the responses I received.

-- Darryl
    When a box with an auto-sensing 10/100 Mbit ethernet
card initially boots up, does the card begin as half duplex,
and at some later point switch to full duplex as it senses a
load increase? We are having trouble with a card that we
need to default to full duplex as soon as possible in the
machine's boot cycle (or more precisely, before link beat
sets). We need for the card to do this in order for it to
successfully communicate with a Cisco switch. Apparently,
the switch sees that the auto-sensing card is not at full-duplex
early in the boot cycle, and because of this, does not communicate
with the card. Do any of you have any pointers as to how we can
solve this problem?
    Thanks for your help.

lYou might want to set the speed and duplex at the switch, instead of
it auto-sense.

Probably use the commands:
set port speed ##/## 100 (Or 10)
set port duplex ##/## full (or half)

Where the ##/## is the module/port number of the port that your box is
connected to.

Matt Palmieri
You can use ndd command or change /etc/system to do what you want, but in
both cases you will need to stop autoneg. Look for instructions in
Sun-Managers FAQ for more detailes.

Reinaldo Luis Ono
one -- this has been answered _many_ times, and is in the
two -- assuming it's an hme card, put

set hme:hme_adv_100fdx_cap=1

in /etc/system; if it's a different card, modify as

-- sweth.
Read the FAQs.

You don't say what HW and OS version you're running, that would help.

There were lots of problems with 2.5/2.5.1 and full-duplex negotiation.

If that's your situation, uptodate recommended patches (or 2.6 or 2.7)
will fix it (at least for us, with a Catalyst 5000 switch).

You can also force the switch and and system to half or full duplex.
The switch side is highly variable (even among Cisco products), but the
system side is:

Jay Lessert

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