Solaris 2.6 SNMP [SUMMARY]

From: Rui.Bastos (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 10:59:38 CDT

  I got the replies bellow. I'm planning in buying the EMPIRE agent. It
gives me lots of information I can't get with any other agent.
On a Solaris with Openview. Openview uses it's own snmp and you can't use
any other snmp agent and it even stops the Solaris snmp agent. This box will
have /usr/sbin/snmpdm, SnmpCollect processes and three snmp agents
hp_unixagt, mib2agt, trapdestagt. You should be able to do a snmpwalk
between two machines running any snmp software abd by default it looks for
port 161.
I personally use ucd-snmp. It seems to work much better. I had problems
just getting mrtg to run...moved to ucd-snmp, and it worked very well.

According to the readme, you can find it:


  or [mirrors in Switzerland and Japan]:

I use the ucd-snmp agent on my 2.6 boxes. Works like a charm.
We use Empire Tech's snmp agent.
It's a very robust tool, with a tool of host monitoring capabilities.
It's a little on the expensive side, but we worth it if your monitoring
tons of machines on the backbone. If I recall, they provide 30 day trials
for the agent and the mib manager.
I'm surprised you didn't get any responses. I seem to remember people
talking about an Empire agent in the past. I have not used it so can't
comment, but try doing a web search on Empire and SNMP.

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> > Hi Sun Managers,
> > I have a couple of Solaris 2.6 boxes and I'm trying do get
> > some usefull data though SNMP to do some nice graphs. I have
> > loaded /var/snmp/mib/sun.mib from one of the solaris boxes to
> > my Openview and managed to get the load on the interfaces
> > and some other data. Unfortunately the "rsUserProcessTime"
> > and other variables under the enterprises.sun.sunMib.hostperf
> > tree are always zero. Is there something wrong with the
> > native solaris agent? Is there any "better"
> > (shareware/comecial) snmpd agent for Solaris 2.6?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Rui Bastos

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