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From: Jackie Rosinsky (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 08:46:53 CDT

Thanks to anyone you responded.

First of all I should explain that you can get the Volume Manager for
Solaris 7 from Veritas however, for those of us you get it for free
from SUN (with a A3500, A5200 or the storage arrays) we must wait.
Sun told me that it should be available sometime in September.

Second it seems that alot of people and have not upgraded for mostly two
        1) Cannot get VM from SUN or they are using other third party
           software that is not available on Solaris 7 yet.
        2) Alot of people used Solaris 2.6 for their Y2K platform and
           cannot upgrade now.

Original Question:

I have not seen alot of questions regarding Solaris 7 and was wondering if
people are going to it. We had decided to upgrade from 2.6 to Solaris 7
and then discovered that Volume Manager is not available for solaris 7 yet.
I guess everyone using VM just has to wait ? I am interested in why
people are not going to Solaris 7 ( if my assumption is correct) ?

Jacqueline Rosinsky
Renaissance Technologies

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