SUMMARY: rsh script problems with csh

From: David W. Blaine (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 18:04:38 CDT

Thanks for all the quick replies!

Steve Harris <>
Michael Maciolek <>
"Matthew Stier" <>
Lusty Wench <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

The wide concensus is not to use csh. I firmly agree! However, I read that rsh
takes the shell of the remote machine which happens to be csh. I can't change
that. And some people disagreed with this statement. Anywho, I changed the
script to sh/ksh and still no go. What I had to do was pull this code out into a
stub script so the line looks like:

rsh server [path to stub]/

where looks like the sh/ksh version:

mkdir /home/blained
for f in `ls -A /etc/skel`
echo $f
cp /etc/skel/$f /home/blained/$f


Dave Blaine
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Hi Sun-gurus:

I have a problem with a portion of ksh script I am writing. Below is this code
portion. It rsh'es into the server just fine and processes the foreach once. It
copies the file .cshrc and then stops. There are at least 5 files in this
directory. The root shell on the server is csh thats why I wrote the rsh for

rsh server csh -c '\
mkdir /home/blained ;\
foreach f ( `ls -A /etc/skel` ) ;\
echo $f ;\
cp /etc/skel/$f /home/blained/$f ;\

Any clues? Will summarize.


David Blaine (
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